The AEESP Foundation's Grant program is to allow individuals and/or organizations to utilize expertise garnered from research and teaching at the university level to improve K-12 instruction, with the goal of preparing students to be future environmental engineers and scientists.  Historically, the Foundation awarded three grants per year at $750 per grant.

Beginning in 2019, AEESP Foundation increased the maximum number of awards from three to five and increased the amount in each grant to a maximum of $2,000.  This increase will allow potential grant recipients to embark on broader projects with their local schools and communities that are more closely integrated with AEESP-specific educational development and metrics and may be shared with the full AEESP community.

The Foundation’s two open application periods per year are the months of March and September.

Applications will be reviewed by the Foundation Board of Directors and recipients will be notified by May 1 for the first open period and November 15 for the second open period.

Questions or concerns about your proposals may be sent to Brian Schorr, Office Manager at

Guidelines for proposals [PDF] »

Grants awarded in 2021:

  • Parthiba Karthikeyan Obulisammy, South Dakota School of Mines & Technology
  • Guangbin Li, University of Maryland College Park
  • Jejal Reddy Bathi, University of Tennessee, Chattanooga

Grants awarded in 2020:

Grants awarded in 2019:

  • Onur Apul, University of Maine (Final Report Here)
  • Dongyang Deng, North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University
  • Michelle Homan and Varun Kasaraneni, Gannon University
  • Brenda Read-Daily, Elizabethtown College (Final Report Here)
  • Jessica Wilson, Manhattan College
    (Final Report Here)

Grants awarded in 2018:

  • Shamia Hoque, University of South Carolina
    (Final Report Here)
  • Simeng Li, Florida State University
    (Final Report Here)
  • Juan Maestre, University of Texas at Austin
  • Thinesh Selvaratnam, Lamar University

Grants awarded in 2017:

Grants awarded in 2016:

2015 travel awards:

Awards were made to three conference participants who presented work related to k-12 education.

  • Ryan Locicero, University of South Florida
  • Emma Lopez, University of South Florida
  • Kevin Gilmore, Bucknell University

2013 travel awards:

Awards were made to three conference participants who presented work related to k-12 education.

  • Justin Lawrence, UC Berkeley
  • Daniel Yeh, University of South Florida
  • Barbara Moskal, Colorado School of Mines