Tips for Writing a Successful Host School Application for the AEESP Lecturer

We encourage applications from universities and colleges large and small, from North America and internationally.  We also welcome new institutions who have not previously served as lead hosts, to apply.  Geographic diversity is a consideration in final selection of schools.

Some tips from the AEESP Lecturers Committee

  1. Answer all the questions on the Host School Application form completely and thoughtfully.
  2. Identify and meaningfully work with other participating universities and colleges (collaborations) in the application, so that more students, researchers and faculty can benefit from the lecture and visit.  This can be through local partnerships (within driving distance) or through remote partnerships (video conferencing). 
  3. Propose supplemental activities that would complement the lecturers visit such as individual and group meetings with host schools faculty and students, meals hosted, holding of a forum around the visit with a student poster session, and other creative ideas to leverage the benefit to the AEESP community of faculty and students, and the lecturer.
  4. Consider including ways the host school would live-stream, video-conference and/or video-archive the lecture in high quality.
  5. Identify the how the focus of research and teaching activities at the institutions relate to those of the Lecturer and how their visit would impact your program
  6. Identify the population served by the lecturer (grad, undergrad, disciplines, traditionally underrepresented students) and any unique geographic or political factors relevant to the lecturer or lecture topics
  7. If you have never hosted a lecturer before, discuss what made you apply