AEESP Award for Outstanding Contribution to Environmental Engineering & Science Education

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This award is given annually to recognize excellence in teaching scholarship and/or professional society educational initiatives, as defined by the criteria below. The recipient of this award will receive a plaque, a cash prize of $500, and a $750 travel allotment to attend the awards ceremony. Previous winners are ineligible for this award.

Nomination packages may consider any or all of the following:

  • Development or authorship of educational or instructional material or a text that enhances the student learning process;
  • Demonstrate effectiveness in course and/or curriculum development;
  • Development of educational facilities;
  • Publication of original work, through peer-reviewed publications and/or presentations at professional meetings, that enhances the engineering education process or adds value to teaching methodology literature;
  • Service as a mentor to other teaching faculty or participation in the development and delivery of seminars and workshops focused on improvements to teacher classroom effectiveness;
  • Administration of engineering colleges or departments that has led to substantial and recognized improvements in the art of engineering education; and/or
  • A strong record of activity in the educational activities of AEESP or another professional society.

Refer to the nomination package for the required submission requirements.

Eligibility: All AEESP members are eligible for this award, except for previous recipients of the award.  This award is open to nomination at any rank.

Past Recipients

Year Recipient Institution
2022 Kerry Howe University of New Mexico
2020 Jeffrey A. Cunningham University of South Florida
2016 1) Yanna Lambrinidou Virginia Tech
2016 2) Marc A. Edwards Virginia Tech
2015 1) Mark M. Benjamin University of Washington
2015 2) Desmond F. Lawler University of Texas at Austin
2014 Maya Trotz University of South Florida
2011 Linda Phillips University of South Florida
2010 David Vaccari Stevens Institute of Technology
2008 David A. Sabatini University of Oklahoma
2006 Cliff Davidson Carnegie Mellon University
2004 Daniel B. Oerther University of Cincinnati
2003 Michael J. Semmens University of Minnesota
2002 James R. Mihelcic Michigan Technological University
2001 Susan J. Masten Michigan State University
2000 Steven C. Chapra Tufts University