Walter J. Weber, Jr. AEESP Frontier in Research Award

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This award is given annually to recognize an environmental engineering or science professor who has advanced the environmental engineering and science field through recognized research leadership and pioneering efforts in a new and innovative research area. The selected recipient will receive a plaque and a cash prize of $500. The award also provides a $750 travel allotment that may be used by the recipient to attend the awards ceremony.

Past nominations will be carried over and considered for three years and may be modified during this period. Refer to the nomination package for the required submission requirements.

*Eligibility: All AEESP members are eligible for this award.

Past Recipients

Year Recipient Institution
2022 Linsey C. Marr Virginia Tech
2021 Susan D. Richardson University of South Carolina
2020 Wen-Tso Liu University of Illinois at Champaign Urbana
2019 Karl G. Linden University of Colorado, Boulder
2018 Peter J. Vikesland Virginia Tech
2017 Trina McMahon University of Wisconsin-Madison
2016 Paul T. Anastas Yale University
2015 Marc A. Edwards Virginia Tech
2014 Dionysios Dionysiou University of Cincinnati
2013 Paul Westerhoff Arizona State University
2012 William A. Arnold University of Minnesota
2011 Danny D. Reible University of Texas at Austin
2010 Michelle Scherer University of Iowa
2009 Gregory V. Lowry Carnegie Mellon University
2008 Pedro J. Alvarez Rice University
2007 Lutgarde Raskin University of Michigan
2006 Menachem Elimelech Yale University
2005 Paul L. Bishop University of Cincinnati
2004 Mark Wiesner Rice University
2003 Frederick G. Pohland University of Pittsburgh
2002 Charles N. Haas Drexel University
2001 Arup K. SenGupta Lehigh University
2000 Bruce E. Logan The Pennsylvania State University

*Formerly the ARCADIS / AEESP Frontier in Research Award through 2016.