AEESP Foundation Publications

The AEESP Foundation works with AEESP to support the development and publication of research and educational resources for the environmental engineering and science field.

Integrating Engineering and Landscape Architecture Approaches to Address Groundwater Declines in the High Plains Aquifer

The High Plains Aquifer, which overlies eight states in the central United States, supplies water for 30% of the nation's irrigated agriculture and provides the primary source of potable water to the region.  Society is currently wrestling with how to adapt to declining groundwater elevation throughout much of this region.  Case studies of this issue are examined by students in engineering and landscape architecture with a goal of preparing future leaders to understand this water resources system and effectively communicate modeling results to decision makers. [2006]

Integrating Economic and Financial Principles into Environmental Engineering Research and Education

Decisions regarding society’s most challenging environmental problems are made with attention to both scientific and economic arguments, with economic criteria playing an ever-larger role. This NSF workshop (organized under the umbrella of the AEESP) was intended to explore these questions, as well as to identify some of the most promising areas of interdisciplinary environmental research involving engineers, scientists and economists. [2006]

Workshop on the Evolution of Environmental Engineering as a Professional Discipline Final Report

The final report of this workshop preceding the Toronto AEESP 2002 Conference has been posted as a downloadable pdf. [March, 2003]

AEESP Environmental Processes Laboratory Manual

The AEESP Environmental Processes Laboratory Manual, which is available to AEESP members via the Members' Only website, contains over 30 lab descriptions on topics in the areas of Transport and Partitioning Processes, Chemical Processes, Biological Processes and Particle Dynamics and Separations. [December, 2002]
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How Safe is Our Nation’s Water Supply?

Prof. Dick Luthy testified to the U.S. Congress on November 14, 2001. His statement is provided by AEESP as a downloadable PDF file. [November, 2001]

Research Frontiers in Environmental Engineering

This document highlights the findings of a 1998 NSF-sponsored workshop on the emerging areas of environmental research exploration. [September, 1998]

Licensure and Certification: What this Means for the Environmental Engineer?

The purpose of this educational module is to allow engineering educators to explain to environmental engineering students the difference between licensure and certification. The module is intended for faculty members to become part of a course, e.g., Capstone Design, Professionalism and Ethics, and even first year engineering courses. [2013] Download