Previous Lecturers

Elizabeth A. Edwards, Ph.D., P.Eng.

Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry, and Department of Cell and Systems Biology, University of Toronto

September 2023 through April 2024

Cliff Davidson, Ph.D.

Civil and Environmental Engineering, Syracuse University, NY, USA

September 2022 through April 2023

Diane M. McKnight, Ph.D.

Civil and Environmental and Architectural Engineering, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO, USA

September 2019 through April 2020

Lutgarde Raskin, Ph.D.

Altarum/ERIM Russell O'Neal Professor of Engineering, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

September 2018 through May 2019

Pedro Alvarez, Ph.D.

Civil and Environmental Engineering, Rice University, Houston, Texas

September 2017 through April 2018

Menachem Elimelech, Ph.D., NAE

Yale University, New Haven, CT, USA

September 2016 through April 2017

Nancy G. Love, Ph.D., P.E., BCEE

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, USA

September 2015 through April 2016

Bruce E. Logan

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Penn State University

September 2014 through April 2015

Mark van Loosdrecht, Ph.D.

Environmental Biotechnology, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

September 2013 through April 2014

Desmond Lawler, Ph.D.

Nasser I. Al-Rashid Chair in Civil Engineering, University of Texas

January 2012 - April 2012

Lecturers 1969-2011
2011 Dr. Richard Luthy, Stanford University
2010 Dr. David A. Dzombak, Carnegie Mellon University
2009 Dr. Mark M. Benjamin, University of Washington, Seattle
2008 Dr. Tony Fane, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
2007 Dr. David Allen, University of Texas
2006 Dr. Joan Rose, Michigan State University
2005 Dr. Rene Schwarzenbach, Federal Institute of Technology (ETHZ) in Zurich, Switzerland
2004 Dr. Bruce Rittmann, Northwestern University
2003 Dr. Philip C. Singer, University of North Carolina
2002 Dr. C.P. Leslie Grady, Jr., Clemson University
2001 Dr. Vernon L. Snoeyink, University of Illinois
2000 Dr. Calvin H. Ward, Rice University
1999 Dr. Alberto E. Cassano, National University of Litoral, Argentina
1998 Dr. Jerald L. Schnoor, University of Iowa
1997 Dr. William Pretorius, South Africa
1996 Dr. Makram T. Suidan, University of Cincinnati
1995 Dr. Alexander Zehnder, Swiss Institute for Water Pollution Control. (EAWAG) and ETH, Zurich
1994 Dr. James J. Morgan, California Institute of Technology
1993 Dr. Saburo Matsui, Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan
1992 Dr. Frederick G. Pohland, University of Pittsburgh
1991 Dr. Willi Gujer, Swiss Institute for Water Pollution Control (EAWAG), Zurich
1990 Dr. Walter J. Weber, Jr., University of Michigan
1989 Dr. Petr Grau, Prague Institute of Chemical Technology
1988 Dr. David Jenkins, University of California, Berkeley
1987 Mr. Francois Fiessinger, Lyonnaise des Eaux, Paris, France
1986 Prof. Donald O'Connor, Manhattan College
1985 Prof. Heinrich Sontheimer, Universitat Karlsruhe
1984 Prof. Perry L. McCarty, Stanford University
1983 Prof. Donald Mackay, University of Toronto, Canada
1982 Prof. Charles O'Melia, Johns Hopkins University
1981 Prof. Werner Stumm, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich
1980 Prof. Richard Dick, Cornell University
1979 Prof. Roger Perry, Imperial College, London
1978 Prof. Richard Speece, Drexel Institute of Technology
1977 Dr. C. F. Forster, Wessex Water Authority, Bristol, England
1976 Prof. Paul Harremoes, Technical University of Denmark
1975 No lecturer selected
1974 Kjell Baalsrud, Norwegian Institute for Water Research, Oslo
1973 Dr. Klaus R. Imhoff, Rhine River Commission, Germany
1972 Prof. G.V.R. Marais, University of Cape Town, South Africa
1971 Prof. K. J. Ives, University College, London
1970 Prof. Karl Wuhrmann, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich
1970 Dr. Elie Eichenberger, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich
1969 Dr. A.L. Downing, Water Pollution Research Laboratory, Stevenage, England