2015-16 AEESP Distinguished Lecturer

Nancy G. Love, Ph.D., P.E., BCEE
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, USA
Lecture Tour Dates
September 2015 through April 2016

Professor Love is a Fellow of the Association of Environmental Engineering and Science Professors, Water Environment Federation and the International Water Association.  Her research focuses on environmental biotechnology and water quality with an emphasis on: the interplay between chemicals of concern and microbial community structure and function in engineered treatment systems; nutrient management; and resource recovery from wastewater.

Lecture Topics:

Professor Love will present two lectures in the 2015-2016 Tour:

Lecture 1: The interplay between chemicals and microbiomes; an environmental biotechnology perspective

Abstract 1: "Chemical stressors and the potential risks they pose to the environment and public health have long been a concern.  There are many ways that chemicals influence microbial communities, and how microbial communities influence chemical fluxes and transformations.  These mutual influences are extensive, complex and dynamic.  In this talk, several studies will be reviewed in the context of the systems and flows that occur within environmental biotechnology, and current methods that provide us with insight will be reviewed.  For example, I will discuss the fate of trace organic chemicals (pharmaceuticals, disinfection byproducts, industrial chemicals) in mixed microbial communities, how the chemicals induce important functional responses in microorganisms or correlate with significant shifts in microbial community structure, and why these changes are important to environmental or public health.  Similarly, we will look at how microbial communities transform these trace chemicals into metabolites that have interesting and potentially important environmental or public health outcomes.  The impact of engineering decisions that impose different environmental growth conditions on microbial communities and how those conditions impact the metabolic or ecological response will be discussed through case studies.  The methods employed in the case studies will be highlighted."

Lecture 2: At the confluence: nutrients, trace chemicals, and sustainability in the urban water sector

Abstract 2: "Enhanced global urbanization coupled with the impacts of climate change on water infrastructure in cities will change how we design and operate urban water systems in the future.  While climate change tends to be a discussion centered on carbon as the pollutant, the most critical decisions linked to achieving sustainable, energy efficient or net-energy neutral solutions in urban wastewater (or used water) systems tend to be driven by the need to manage nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus)*.  In turn, the current evolution in sustainable, energy recovering wastewater treatment or green infrastructure strategies are heavily influenced by the need to manage nitrogen and/or phosphorus, as much as if not more than carbon.  Another area of tremendous focus regarding urban water infrastructure concerns the impact of trace chemical contaminants on environmental and human health. All these issues have reached a point of confluence.  Implementing innovative and energy efficient nitrogen or phosphorus management approaches involves dramatic changes to the infrastructure in place today, and in some cases results in significant changes in the composition of wastewater or the redox environments imposed during treatment.  In turn, these changes influence the ultimate fate of trace chemicals present in wastewater or stormwater and, ultimately, the risks to environmental and public health in urban systems.  This is particularly important for cities located in countries with emerging economies.  The nature of this confluence of issues and trends will be introduced, and opportunities for solutions proposed."

*Concept attributable to Dr. Glen T. Daigger


Fall/Spring 2015-16 Schedule

Date University Contact
FALL 2015 
September 24 Ohio State University
Ohio University (co-host)
Wright State University (co-host)
Central State University (co-host)
Linda Weavers, weavers.1@osu.edu
October 19 Michigan Technological University
University of Minnesota-Duluth (co-host)
Jennifer Becker, jgbecker@mtu.edu
November 3 Lehigh University
Lafayette College (co-host)
Derick Brown, dgb3@lehigh.edu
November 4 Pennsylvania State University
St. Francis University (co-host)
Bucknell University (co-host)
Penn State - Harrisburg (co-host)
Jay Regan, jregan@engr.psu.edu
November 12/13 University of South Florida
University of Florida (co-host)
University of Central Florida (co-host)
Jeff Cunningham, cunning@usf.edu
December 4 University of Oklahoma Robert Nairn, nairn@ou.edu
SPRING 2016 
January 20 Technische Universitat Munchen
ETH Zurich (co-host)
Click here for Dr. Love's Lecture
Jorg Drewes, jdrewes@tum.de
February 17 University of Pittsburgh
Carnegie Mellon University (co-host)
Click here for Dr. Love's Lecture
Radisav Vidic, vidic@pitt.edu
February 23 Arizona State University
Click here for Dr. Love's Lecture
Bruce Rittmann, rittmann@asu.edu
February 26 Colorado School of Mines
University of Colorado-Boulder (co-host)
Timothy Strathmann, strthmnn@mines.edu
March 9 University of Tennessee, College of Engineering Leah Buffington, lbuffing@utk.edu
March 11 University of Cincinnati
University of Dayton (co-host)
Wright State University (co-host)
Northern Kentucky University (co-host)
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (co-host)
Dionysios Dionysiou, dionysios.d.dionysiou@uc.edu
March 16 University of Toronto Elodie Passeport, elodie.passeport@utoronto.ca
March 23 University of Maryland
Johns Hopkins University (co-host)
Howard University (co-host)
University of Maryland-Baltimore County (co-host)
Allen P. Davis, apdavis@umd.edu
March 25 Virginia Tech Marina Vance, marinaeg@vt.edu
March 31 University of Vermont
McGill University (co-host)
Clarkson University (co-host)
Michaels University (co-host)
Norwich University (co-host)
Huijie Lu, hlu2@uvm.edu
April 1 University of Massachusetts
Yale University (co-host)
University of Connecticut (co-host)
Worcester Polytechnic Institute (co-host)
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (co-host)
John Tobiason, tobiason@umass.edu
April 15 Northwestern University
Purdue University (co-host)
University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign (co-host)
Jean-Francois-Gaillard, jf-gaillard@northwestern.edu

For additional information, please contact Karl G. Linden, Chair of the AEESP Lecturers Committee (karl.linden@colorado.edu).