AEESP/Mary Ann Liebert Award for Publication Excellence in Environmental Engineering Science

Starting in 2018, this award will be given annually to the authors of an outstanding paper published in Environmental Engineering Science during the previous calendar year. Environmental Engineering Science is the official journal of AEESP, and this award recognizes publication excellence among its members.

This award is determined by a selection committee comprised of the EES Editor-in-Chief (presently Catherine Peters) and the Chair of the AEESP Publications Committee (presently Mark Krzmarzick). In the future, the selection committee may be supplemented as needed to ensure that there are always at least 2 members of the committee who are members of AEESP.

The determination of publication excellence will be based on an integrated assessment of the following factors:

  • The research must address an important research question that is relevant to environmental engineering science.
  • The paper must be well written, clearly conveying the significance of the work and the broader impacts.
  • The research must be high-quality, significantly original, and projected to withstand the test of time.
  • The research must be substantial in scope and make a consequential advancement in the field.

The award-winning paper is selected among papers published in the January through December issues of the previous calendar year. Nominations are not required for consideration.

One of the authors, preferably the first author or the corresponding author, must be an AEESP member. All the co-authors are considered winners of the award.

*Eligibility: The paper must have been published in Environmental Engineering Science during the previous calendar year.  One of the authors, preferably the first author, must be an AEESP member.  All the co-authors are considered wineers of the award.  Previous award winners will be eligible to receive this award only after five years beyond receiving the award.

Sponsor: Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. Publishers

Award amount: A cash prize of $1,000 will be presented to a single author as determined by the selection committee. A total allotment of $750 is also available to support travel of the winning primary author to attend the awards ceremony.

Past Recipients

Year Recipient Paper Institution
2022 April Gu, Yishan Lin, and Carla Cherchi Nano-Titanium Dioxide Exposure Impacts Nitrogen Metabolism Pathways in Cyanobacteria Cornell University
2021 Emily K. Maher, Kassidy N. O'Malley, Michael E. Dollhopf, Brooke E. Mayer, and Patrick J. McNamara Removal of Estrogenic Compounds from Water Via Energy Efficient Sequential Electrocoagulation-Electrooxidation Marquette University and Donohue Associates
2020 Weslynne S. Ashton, Joe F. Bozeman III, and Thomas L. Theis Distinguishing Environmental Impacts of Household Food-Spending Patterns Among U.S. Demographic Groups Illinois Institute of Technology (Ashton) and University of Illinois at Chicago (Bozeman and Theis)
2019 Grace E. Schwartz and Heileen Hsu-Kim Ranking Coal Ash Marerials for the Potential to Leach Arsenic and Selenium: Relative Importance of Ash Chemistry and Site Biogeochemistry Duke University
2018 Sharon Walker Food and Industrial Grade Titanium Dioxide Impacts Gut Microbiota Drexell University