Perry L. McCarty AEESP Founders' Award

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This award is given annually to recognize the significant contributions of Professor McCarty to environmental engineering education, research, and practice and will be given to an environmental engineering or science professor who has record of excellence in these areas. The recipient of this award will receive a plaque, a cash prize of $1500, and a $750 travel allotment to attend the awards ceremony.

Past nominations will be carried over and considered for three years and may be modified during this period. Refer to the nomination package for the required submission requirements.

*Eligibility: Only members of AEESP are eligible to receive this award.  An individual may receive the award only once; previous winners are ineligible.

Perry L. McCarty, the Silas H. Palmer Professor Emeritus of Stanford University, has transformed nearly every aspect of environmental biotechnology, and his work will continue to influence the research and teaching of AEESP members for generations to come. In education, Dr. McCarty had profound impact through his stellar classroom teaching, inspirational mentoring of PhD students, and publishing influential textbooks. He promoted good practice with his tireless service on numerous committees, expert panels, and advisory boards. Professor McCarty’s many notable honors include membership in the National Academy of Engineering, the Tyler Environmental Prize, the Clarke Prize for Outstanding Achievement in Water Science and Technology, and the Stockholm Water Prize.  He also is the recipient of several AEESP awards, including the Founders Award, four Outstanding Publication Awards, and three Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Awards.

Past Recipients

Year Recipient Institution
2022 Deb A. Niemeier University of Maryland College Park
2021 Menachem Elimelech Yale University
2020 Morton A. Barlaz North Carolina State University
2019 JoAnn Silverstein University of Colorado, Boulder
2018 Pedro Alvarez Rice University
2017 Paul L. Bishop University of Cincinnati
2016 Bruce E. Rittmann Arizona State University
2015 Jerald L. Schnoor University of Iowa
2014 John Novak Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University
2013 (No award presented)  
2012 C. Robert Baillod Michigan Technological University
2011 Francis A. DiGiano University of North Carolina
2010 Aarne Vesilind Bucknell University
2009 James K. Edzwald University of Massachusetts
2008 Clifford W. Randall Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University
2007 Philip Singer University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
2006 John F. Andrews Rice University
2005 Richard E. Speece Vanderbilt University
2004 Paul Roberts Stanford University
2003 C.P. Leslie Grady Jr. Clemson University
2002 Thomas M. Keinath Clemson University
2001 John L. Cleasby Iowa State University
2000 Walter J. Weber, Jr. University of Michigan
1999 Vernon L. Snoeyink University of Illinois
1998 Richard I. Dick Cornell University
1997 Linvil G. Rich Clemson University
1996 Earnest F. Gloyna University of Texas at Austin
1995 Charles R. O'Melia Johns Hopkins University
1994 Daniel A. Okun University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
1993 Richard Engelbrecht University of Illinois
1992 Perry L. McCarty Stanford University
1991 E. Robert Baumann Iowa State University