About the Foundation


The mission of the AEESP Foundation is to improve the state of knowledge in environmental engineering and science through the support and encouragement of excellent education, outreach, and scientific research. This mission will be accomplished by:

  1. Facilitating interaction and fostering and encouraging dialogue about advancements in environmental engineering education and research, among educators, scientists, practicing engineers, and the general public, via website communications, lecture series, workshops, conferences, etc.;
  2. Providing resources for environmental engineering educators and scientists in the form of textbooks, journals, conference proceedings, laboratory manuals, etc., to assist them in enhancing their teaching skills and enriching the knowledge base of environmental engineering through research;
  3. Engaging in outreach to industry and the general public by frequently seeking projects which will bring to them an enhanced knowledge of advancements in environmental engineering and science and assist them wherever possible in the resolution of environmental problems in their communities;
  4. Encouraging, supporting, and acknowledging excellence in environmental engineering and science teaching and research by providing achievement awards to individuals who have demonstrated excellence in disseminating knowledge to students, researchers, and the general public, and/or accomplished innovative research which furthers knowledge in environmental engineering and science among all these groups.